Our Mobile Dog Washing service is more than just a bath for your dog. It's a full-service wash session, right at your doorstep!


Mobile Dog Wash does not offer hair-cuts, style cuts, or shave downs, our specialty is dog washing.

All breeds welcome. Specializing in LARGE Breeds.


The Mobile Dog Wash Service:

Mobile Dog Grooming


The most stubborn grit, dirt, grime, and light matting needs some extra TLC to remove. That’s why we brush your dog’s coat before the wash. The brushing before the wash will also separate the hair while allowing us the opportunity to assess the dog’s skin and hair. Afterward, our finishing brushing will brush out any knots as well as removing excess hair. This is one of the most impactful parts for dog owners who want to get shedding under control.

Mobile Dog Wash

The Wash

No one likes a cold bath, including our dogs. Our mobile wash units are equipped with hydrobath technology which uses warm fresh water for each wash. What is hydrobath technology? It’s basically a safe washing tub designed for dogs which filters water while providing a thorough clean without wasting water. No cages are ever used in our dog wash sessions. Our wash uses only eco-friendly and safe shampoos and solutions for your dog. Our goal is to not only have your pup clean but to also promote healthy skin and coat.
Mobile Dog Nail Trimming Las Vegas

Nail Trimming

Dogs need regular nail trimming, not only for comfort purposes but also to assist in your best friend’s ability to move with ease. Properly trimmed nails will help prevent discomfort while ensuring your dogs nails are kept in great shape.

Mobile Dog Washing

Full Blow Dry

No dog wash session is complete without a fully dry coat. Mobile Dog Wash uses a high-velocity handheld dryer that circulates warm air. Your pup will be fluffy and dry after their wash. Regular washing and blow-drying with help with all that shedding hair left around your house and on the furniture. NO CAGE dryers are used in our service.

grooming service at your home


Part of our grooming process includes checking your dog for eye and ear build-up and making sure these delicate areas are clean and notifying customers of any possible infections.

At the end of your dog’s wash, we focus on getting their coat looking and smelling fantastic. We pamper each dog with a cologne that is formulated just for dogs to deliver a smooth and beautiful coat that smells lovely, long after the wash is done. We also provide AromaCare that will not only help your pup relax during the wash but will make you wonder where that wet dog smell went!!!