Mobile Dog Wash Corporation appreciates your business and the wellbeing of your dog is our utmost importance. Our goal is to create a safe and happy environment for your dog while in our mobile units to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Bookings Policies Terms & Conditions

By accepting any bookings from Mobile Dog Wash Corporation, you agree to all of our policies.

  • I understand the Mobile Dog Wash service includes: Brush to assess skin & coat, Hydrobath wash, Nail trim, Ear & eye clean, Full blow-dry, Finishing brush & cologne.
  • I understand that all quotes provided by Mobile Dog Wash are valid for a period of 30 (thirty) days .
  • I understand customers and children are not permitted inside or on the Mobile Dog Wash units. Customers are welcome to watch the grooming session from outside the mobile unit, however, for the dog’s safety Mobile Dog Wash Corporation may request the customer not be present if the dog is not cooperating with the owner standing nearby.
  • I understand that if my dog has a history of aggression or biting, Mobile Dog Wash Corporation reserves the right to refuse service. Dog bites will be reported to local authorities as required by law. I understand that I am liable for any medical care expenses and damages that result from injuries caused by my dog. 
  • I understand that dogs will be placed on a leash while in the care of Mobile Dog Wash Corporation staff and that a muzzle may be used if deemed necessary.
  • I understand that a service may be stopped mid-session in the interest of the health and safety or behavior of your dog. *Full fees still apply.
  • I understand that should I choose to reschedule or cancel an appointment less than 24 hours of my scheduled appointment time or be a “no show” I am subject to the Mobile Dog Wash Corporations minimum appointment charge of $50.
  • I agree to have my dog at the provided address and ready for Mobile Dog Wash scheduled appointments.
  • I consent that Mobile Dog Wash Corporation may take photos of my dog and photos may be used by Mobile Dog Wash Corporation for use on our website, social media, and/or for other advertising purposes. Should you not want photos taken, please advise Mobile Dog Wash Corporation prior to your appointment.
  • I consent that by providing my details on a Mobile Dog Wash online form, my details will be added to the Mobile Dog Wash email list. I understand I can unsubscribe/Opt-out from the email list at any time.
  • I understand that appointment times are approximate and times can be delayed due to weather conditions, traffic, mechanical issues, or delays at prior appointments. If staff are delayed, they will text or call to inform you as soon as possible.
  • I understand that Mobile Dog Wash Corporation specializes in mobile dog washing and does not offer a haircut or shaving service for my dog. Furthermore, I acknowledge that my dog’s coat is not severely matted.
  • I understand that shedding is a natural process and using Mobile Dog Wash services will help remove the shedding hair – not remove all shedding hair.

For further questions regarding Mobile Dog Wash Corporation Policies Terms & Conditions, please email